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Article 1. All who enter the campground will be obliged to obey these regulations and other legal provisions in force (O. 11/7/86 – Art. 30.1). All special campground rules which are publicly posted are considered to be part of these regulations.

Article 2. Only those persons with the minimum camping equipment required will be allowed to enter and camp on the promises. Minors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for the minor’s conduct (O. 11/7/86 – Art. 30.2 and 31). Anyone owing the company money for services rendered previously will not be allowed to enter.

Article 3. Pets may be allowed at the Campground’s discretion. If admitted, all special rules regarding pets shall be observed, particularly those concerning potentially dangerous races. All documentation, including licenses and health records, will be shown on request and pets will be tied up at all times. Owners will be responsible for any damages caused (O. 10/99 – 30/7/99).

Article 4. Clients must identify themselves ant heir companions, showing the documentation required by campground management, and must sign all registration forms (O.11/7/86-Art.28.2).

Article 5. the rates in force are shown on the official rate card. The prices are per day based on the number of overnight stays. The campground day ends at 12:00. There will be a minimum charge of one day and those departing after 12:00 will be charged an additional day. (O.11/7/86-Art.28.2).

Article 6. Tents, trailers and other vehicles must be set up while the campgrounds is open and at the designated campsites. Each campsite includes the space required to park a vehicle and to set up a tent or trailer. (O.11/7/86-Art.71). Location or campsite changes must be previously authorized.

Article 7. Electricity connections must be ordered at the time of registration. All users must necessarily have a (1000V) waterproof cable with grounded plug. The service may only be connected by the authorized personnel. Usage may never exceed the maximum power allowed, which means that users may neither connect electrical apparatus which, as a whole, exceed the contracted power nor manipulate the electrical connection in any way.

Article 8. Any services offered by the Campground which are not required by the tourism laws in force will be strictly optional and may therefore be partially or completely suspended at any time.

Article 9. It is recommended that the use of vehicles inside the Campground be kept to a minimum an to a speed limit of 10 Km/hour. The use of vehicles for sport, leisure or practice driving of any kind of vehicle, particularly motor vehicles, is not allowed. Violators of this rule will be civilly or criminally liable for accidents.

Article 10. Persons not staying on the campground will not be allowed to enter. Under exceptional circumstances, campers may obtain permission to bring family members and/or friends on to the premises for a limited period of time, depositing the required identification documents and paying the visitors’ fee. Visitors shall be responsible for obeying these regulations. Visitors shall leave the campground at the stipulated time and may not stay overnight unless they register.

Article 11. Quiet hours are from 24 to 07 . During this time, guests will refrain from making noise and raising their voices and will adjust any sound and lighting devices so that they do not bother the other guests. Guests are prohibited from driving their vehicles at this time, except for previously authorized emergencies.

Article 12. Obligations
a) Obey the rules established by Campground Management intended to keep the campground running in an orderly fashion.
b) Respect the vegetation and refrain from actions or elements which could be harmful to it.
c) Respect the facilities in general by using them properly and keeping them in condition to be used again. This includes the sites where tents are pitched, ensuring that all land movement is covered up when the camper vacates the site.
d) Respect the logical rules of coexistence and public order, maximizing them to the extent possible in consideration of the particularities of camping activities.
e) Report any cases of contagious diseases to Campground Management.
f) Place all trash in closed bags and deposit the bags in the trash containers provided.
g) Pay promptly for all services used at the established rates and conditions.
h) Vacate the campground with all of your belonging at the end of your stay.
i) Campers must have their own individual fire extinguishers.
j) Campers must have a third party liability insurance policy.
k) Campers must have permits for the use of butane or propane gas.
l) Take the appropriate safety measures to protect your belongings and valuables.

Article 13. Prohibitions
a) Disturbing other campers’ sleep during quiet hours.
b) Playing games or sports which could be dangerous or bothersome to others.
c) Starting any type of fire at all, with the exception of butane gas cookers or electrical barbecues, taking all necessary security measures.
d) Bringing unauthorized animals onto the campground.
e) Possessing any type of weapon or object which could cause an accident.
f) Dumping trash in places other than the trash containers provided.
g) Bringing any person not authorized by Management onto the campground.
h) Hanging laundry in unauthorized locations or where it could bother others.
i) Installing enclosures, fences or awnings on campsites as well as any other elements which have not been previously authorized.
j) Any action which could harm or damage the property, hygiene or appearance of the campground.

Article 14. Tents or trailers may not be left on the campground unoccupied without the express consent of Campground Management.

Article 15. In the event of non-payment or abandonment, Campground Management may move the camping equipment to a different location outside of the camping area which does not offer the safety of the camping area in order to free up the campsite.

Article 16. Except where otherwise agreed, the payment of all camping and service fees is due at the end of the day (12 hours). Consequently, guests may be asked to pay all amounts due and payable at any time. Under special circumstances, Management may request payment in advance.

Article 17. Any camper who violates any of these regulations will be invited to vacate the Campground and if the camper refuses to do so voluntarily, her or she will be expelled by the Director, who is specifically authorized to do so, whit the assistance of the police, if necessary (O.11/7/86-Art.30.2).

Article 18. The Campground is not responsible for thefts, robberies or damages of any kind suffered by campers or their property. It is likewise not responsible for the damages caused by fires to campers or their belongings, nor for atmospheric incidents or any other causes beyond the Campground’s control.

Article 19. By registering with the Campground, the client acknowledges and accepts these regulations and all other special rules referred to in the second paragraph of article 1.

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